Thank you for choosing to support Hickory Ballet and Performing Arts through a tax-deductible donation!

Here are some examples of what your donation could do:

  • Any amount would help fund our scholarship students
  • $250 would furnish our wardrobe department with new shelving
  • $75 would buy tutu travel bags to keep our costumes safe traveling to outreach
  • $3,000 would put wooden floor in Studio B for our tap classes
  • $650 would provide us another Mylar mirror in Studio C
  • $180 would support our faculty with access to Spotify membership for one year to use in class
  • $75 would buy supplies for our pointe/pre-pointe students like foot rollers and balance boards
  • $500 would furnish us with lockers for younger students and staff
  • $1200 would equip us with marley floor to be used for outreach

For more information or assistance in making your contribution, please contact:

Leanna Bodnar

Executive Director

(828) 328-3794


Help us get items we need for our studio by purchasing something from our Wishlist!