Pointe Requirements

HBPA cares for the safety and longevity of the dancers in our school.  Pointe work is strenuous on the body and respect for this art form will keep the transition stress and injury free.  The following policy is intended to provide clarity on the requirements of our program in order to begin training on pointe.  


  • Minimum of 11 years of age 
  • At least two years of classical ballet training 
  • Attending at least three ballet classes a week consistently
  • A firm understanding of intermediate ballet and its vocabulary


Pointe Readiness Assessment:

  • Turn out and alignment: Student can demonstrate secure vertical alignment from proper distribution of weight, neutral pelvis with abdominal support, equal turn out of both gesture and supporting leg, and proper alignment of the foot on ¾ pointe.   
  • Balance: ability to find balance on ¾ pointe with fully stretched legs at both barre and center in the following positions: 1st, 5th, retire, a la seconde 
  • Strength: Student has core strength during exercises in the center, port de bras is maintained through movement, and alignment is sustained during jumps