Guest Teachers at HBPA

We’ve already been graced by the talents of two guest teachers this year, founder Melissa French and Mallory McVey.  Our students love learning new skills from qualified instructors!    

Collaboration with HMA

We were excited to once again collaborate with our friends at the Hickory Museum of Art for their Art of Adventure event.  HBPA students, parents, and staff enjoyed the night of entertaining others with classical variations from around the world and being entertained by the stories of Jeff Cline’s adventures.              

HBPA Provides Entertainment at HMA 75th Anniversary Gala

HBPA dancers performed several pieces at the Hickory Museum of Art’s 75th Anniversary Light Up the Night Gala on February, 9th.  Gershwin-inspired ballet pieces, choreographed by Anthony Schweighardt, greeted guests as the walked in.  Ballerinas in tutus provided live music box entertainment in the miniature gallery.  Then, museum patrons enjoyed a piece in the Coe Gallery to start the evening, …