Welcome to Hickory Ballet & Performing Arts!

HBPA has set a new standard of instruction and professionalism in the art of Classical Ballet, and its related arts. Through rigorous and heartfelt training, HBPA has inspired many young people to pursue their love of the art, for personal and professional growth.

Here at HBPA, we practice a holistic approach to arts education. While instilling impeccable technique and artistry, but meeting each student where he/she is, HBPA creates a safe and pleasant environment for mistakes and challenges to be met head on with support from every instructor.

Although our program has launched professional careers, we understand and respect not all who are interested in the arts choose to make it a career. Those students who want to participate for the fun, challenge, social and creative outlet are welcome to be a part of our artistic family! Each member of our faculty are experts in their field and are inspired to teach, not only to nurture future professional artists, but to fine tune the heart and mind of the student.

Arts education helps children become deeply self-aware, more empathetic and confident communicators. It is leadership training through creative expression. These skills and more will take the students through life, helping them to excel in any environment.

During the transition to our new space, we are grateful for our generous sponsors! They are helping us to continue to create performing art for our community.

Come and see what Hickory Ballet & Performing Arts has to offer!

Leanna Bodnar

Executive Director

Hickory Ballet & Performing Arts