Finding Fairies

Join us this May for an interactive musical adventure where participants will meet different fairy folk around the park and help save the first raindrop of April!

Commissioned by HBPA and the United Arts Council of Catawba County, this innovative project is created by Wingarden Productions, founded by two of HBPA’s faculty. We are excited to bring this FREE event to our community.

“Creating Finding Fairies has been an AMAZING process! This is our second official kids musical and the first time we have tried to take this format to an outdoor theater setting! The heart of our kid projects is to reach the young audience in a memorable and appealing way. Finding Fairies teaches the importance of honesty and supportive friendships through music, dance, and whimsical storytelling. As an aspiring writing and composing team, it’s inspiring to see our work on its feet and share it with our community.”

– Lark Bodnar, Wingarden Productions