The Gershwin Project

We are so excited to be performing The Gershwin Project, a collection of works by George Gershwin, performed by our students in collaboration with Pianos N Sync.


Here’s more information about

May 22nd: Full rehearsal and a matinee performance at 3:00pm- 2 tickets per family
May 23rd at 3:00pm- Live-stream recording of the Saturday performance- those tickets  HERE

Please see your weekly email for details concerning the day of the rehearsal/performance listed by level.

Is my child in this performance?  Yes.
The only classes NOT performing in The Gershwin project are Acro and Freshman Ballet.

Due to Covid restrictions, this is our full school spring performance, in lieu of a full-length ballet and full-length musical. Our dancers will be performing with live piano music, thanks to the local pianist group Hands N Sync. This is an amazing opportunity and we are so glad to be able to do something special for our students this semester!

Exciting news!
As COVID protocols are easing up, we are going to be able to perform The Gershwin Project live at the Old Post Office Playhouse (aka The Green Room Theatre). To ensure our audience will be small and socially distanced, each dancer’s family will only be given 2 tickets for this show. $30 will be charged to your account on May 5th.
**If you do not need your tickets, you can sell them in the Parent Facebook group HERE.  

We will record and live stream the performance May 23rd for those who cannot attend May 22nd. you can buy live streaming tickets HERE. 

DVDs- We will be selling DVDs of the recorded performance for $25. That sale will open soon!